An Underwhelming Soapbox Manifesto

This site is an homage to that glorious time before the rise of the one, true social network when people maintained their own personal sites, owned their own content, and collectively contributed to (and thereby maintained) a public and open space. It wasn't a golden age, surely there's no such thing we were just a lot less lazy about certain things.

It features a collection of irregular comments and missives on a variety of subjects, occasional essays and book reviews, and other longform adventures. It is updated infrequently and presented without any underlying theme. I suppose, if it had a theme, it might be "moderately disappointed" — a vague descriptor that I've been applying to myself in social networking profiles from the very beginning. It has a certain malleable quality; although, the heart of it might be: one part lapsed misanthropy, one part cultural anthropology, and one part Seth and Amy's "Really?!" bit from SNL's Weekend Update.

You can find shorter content in a similar vein on the Known platform, covering anything from observations too lengthy for Twitter (but not quite fit for a comprehensive post here) to reflections on whatever I happen to be reading or researching. The CBC's Royal Canadian Air Farce once had a bit called "Notions: thoughts not good enough to be ideas" and I tend to think of "Fieldnotes" as something on that level.